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This agreement is established between Vincent Jelani, hereinafter referred to as "the student," and Diana Marroquín, in her capacity as the General Director of SPELT Idiomas, hereinafter referred to as "the instructor."

Class Details

Spanish language classes will be conducted at Cydsa premises. The class days are from Monday to Thursday, scheduled from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. The course duration is set for 12 months.


The student commits to a fixed monthly payment of 11,600 Mexican pesos for the classes. The payment is due before the 20th of each month. It's important to highlight that this fee covers the cost of three 90-minute sessions per week. However, under this agreement, an additional session is being provided, resulting in a total of four 90-minute sessions per week, from Monday to Thursday. This arrangement not only adds extra value but also offers a discounted rate compared to the standard rates for classes led by the Director of the company, recognizing the unique expertise and experience that the Director brings to the sessions.

Instructor's Availability

In her role as the General Director of SPELT Idiomas, Diana Marroquín will exclusively dedicate her time to the specified class schedule. She would have loved to provide more flexibility in the schedule, but unfortunately, due to her role in the company, she is not available during time slots other than those already scheduled for these classes. Aditionally, her Fridays are reserved for other courses she is obliged to conduct and, as a result, are not available for classes or makeup sessions. The instructor is commited to deliver great quality sessions and to provide the best quality.

Cancellation and Make-Up
In the event that the student needs to cancel a scheduled class due to travel, personal commitments, or any other unforeseen circumstances, it's important to acknowledge that missed classes cannot be rescheduled for in-person sessions. However, we want to assure you that an alternative solution is available – attending online classes at the same scheduled time. We understand that unexpected circumstances can sometimes arise, and we have structured our arrangement with this flexibility in mind. It's worth noting that this approach, apart from offering the convenience of transitioning from an in-person to an online session, it allows for a lower fixed monthly fee. We acknowledge that while the inability to attend in-person sessions for missed classes due to personal circumstances may be a trade-off, it's important to consider the overall advantage of the reduced rate.

In the event that the instructor cancels a class due to force majeure circumstances, both parties will agree to schedule half-hour additional sessions within the next month to compensate for the lost time.

Special Conditions for Corporate Funding

If the course is funded by the student's company, standard fees and conditions of SPELT Idiomas for corporate clients will apply. In this scenario, the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement are rendered void.

Agreement Signature

Both parties, student Vincent Jelani and instructor Diana Marroquín, General Director of SPELT Idiomas, confirm that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement for Spanish language classes.


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